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Addiction is a chronic mental health disorder that, while incurable, is highly treatable. With more than 10% of Americans struggling with a substance abuse disorder, addiction or alcoholism every year, addiction has become one of the most common mental health disorders nationally.

Addiction can impact many areas of your life, from your marriage and relationships to your finances and career. Recovery is always possible, and those that enter treatment are more likely to remain abstinent. A recreation therapy program in St. Augustine FL can help you find coping mechanisms, develop a relapse prevention plan and find sober activities.

Struggling with addiction can make it difficult to maintain a stable job, it can create legal problems and decrease your standard of living. During addiction, it is common to spend the majority of your time and money using or obtaining drugs or alcohol. This leads to increasing isolation from friends and family members.


Substance abuse problems, including addiction and alcoholism, are progressive and chronic conditions. Addiction causes you to seek out drugs and alcohol, even when you want to quit. Facing negative consequences, like damaged relationships or legal problems, may not be enough to make you quit. Addiction can damage your cognition, memory and physical health.

Drugs and alcohol can cause liver damage and worsen underlying comorbid conditions. When you become physically or psychologically addicted to drugs, you may neglect your obligations and responsibilities in favor of using or drinking.

Addiction can change the way you make decisions. For example, you may commit crimes in order to get enough money to buy drugs or alcohol or lie more to friends or loved ones. The cost of addiction can deplete your savings and retirement accounts, lead to significant debt or cause you to neglect paying bills.


Recovering from a substance abuse problem or addiction requires treatment and lifestyle changes. During addiction, the majority of your interactions involve drugs and alcohol, making it difficult to find enjoyable sober activities. Since bars are common triggers during recovery, if your social life involved going to drinking establishments, you may find it hard to think of new sober activities to participate in.

During treatment, you are given the opportunity to explore a variety of sober activities like sports and meditation.

Some examples of sober activities include:

  • Hiking, walking, and low impact activities
  • Working out
  • Mindfulness activities and meditation
  • Sports and team activities
  • Painting, crafts, and music


When you are struggling to recover from a substance abuse problem, finding new sober activities can be difficult. Treatment centers can address your physical and emotional needs and also help you find new, healthy hobbies. Pearl of the Sea Retreat, which is home to the best recreation therapy program St. Augustine, FL offers, is here to help you find recovery. To learn more about our programs, call us today at 866-962-1907.

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24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.