At Pearl of the Sea Retreat in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida, we recognize that meaningful and lasting sobriety begins with professional and compassionate individualized treatment. Our approach to your alcohol and drug detox, derived from evidence-based research, will take place within the Pearl’s supportive and nurturing environment. The primary concern of our experienced treatment team is your welfare and recovery from the drug-related problems you have experienced so you can enjoy successful living and relationships.

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What Is Alcohol and Drug Detoxification?

Alcohol and drug addiction create physical and psychological dependency. The detoxification process is based on the principle that someone who is physically addicted to drugs and alcohol will struggle to maintain sobriety as long as their body still craves the intoxicant. In order to break through the physical addiction, alcohol detox and drug detox may be necessary, so that the individual is prepared to address the psychological features of their substance abuse and begin the recovery process.

Detoxification (detox) is an essential first step on the road to recovery. When alcohol or drugs are used for extended periods of time, the body becomes dependent on them. The detoxification process removes addictive substances from the body to eliminate physical dependency. This prepares the individual for further treatment, laying the foundation for a changed, successful, and satisfactory life.

For more information about treatment at Pearl of the Sea Retreat, call 866-962-1907.

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What Happens During Drug & Alcohol Detox

The goal of detox is to safely remove intoxicants from the body, recover from dependency, and prepare for recovery. Detox begins with a three-phased approach to help providers determine the best course of treatment. These phases are: evaluation, stabilization, and fostering entry into treatment. 


During the evaluation phase of detox clients are given a general health screening to assess current intoxication levels and withdrawal potential. Clients also receive an evaluation to determine the level of social support they have, as well as any dual diagnosis mental health conditions that may impact the course of treatment.


During stabilization the client is assisted through withdrawal to a medically stable, fully supported, substance-free state. Depending on the severity of the addiction, medication may be used to ease withdrawal symptoms and to help rid the body of intoxicants. It is during this phase that the client is familiarized with what to expect during treatment. The client’s support network may be asked to be involved, to show support.

Fostering Entry into Treatment

The physical aspect of detoxification — ridding the body of drugs or alcohol — is just the initial phase of treatment. Because detox is designed to treat the client’s acute immediate need, it is important to prepare the client to enter into treatment by emphasizing the importance of participating in the whole of treatment in order to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

What to Expect of Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox at Pearl of the Sea Retreat in St. Augustine, Florida

The journey toward wholeness begins with a safe environment, where under medical supervision drugs and alcohol can be eliminated from the body. Successful drug and alcohol detox is paramount to recovery. Once the body is cleared of addictive substances, our clients have the necessary conditions to receive the evidence-based care that provides a firm foothold in sobriety. 

With Pearl of the Sea’s detoxification care, clients receive full-service high-quality, compassionate care and personalized treatment in a luxurious retreat-like setting. Pearl of the Sea’s detox program also offers 24-hour psychological and medical care and is equipped to handle complex detoxification and co-occurring medical and mental health conditions.

For more information about treatment at Pearl of the Sea Retreat, call 866-962-1907.

Residential Detoxification Care

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can be a very dangerous process — especially for someone who is dealing with a severe addiction. Pearl of the Sea Retreat’s residential inpatient settings provide medically managed care to monitor and safely guide the client through withdrawal.

At Pearl of the Sea Retreat, we offer luxurious and comfortable recovery centers for detoxification care and the recovery journey. Our caring and compassionate staff are available 24-hours a day to ensure that you are safe, supported, and cared for. Our mission is to help you take the first steps toward living a sober, healthy life.

Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox at the Pearl of the Sea in St. Augustine, Florida

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and is ready to begin the journey to recovery, our detox program can provide the initial steps to an enjoyable, successful life. At our state-of-the-art facility, we support our clients as they go through detoxification and begin their recovery. During these initial steps, we offer treatment in a retreat-like setting, nestled in picturesque St. Augustine. 

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Words from Guests

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I came to the Pearl with a backpack and a couple pairs of socks. By the time I left I had a full wardrobe. The Pearl has given me the awakening within that I thought that I would never find again. The love from the staff and the experience as a whole was something like a family I never had.

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I am very thankful for this place. The nurses and stuff are great. They all make you feel like family and they show they really care. I was in a really bad place in my life and coming here helped me turn my that around.

star star star star star

Pearl of the Sea Retreat has been a huge help! All the staff are amazing people, they really show they care about each individual client. Here you are not a patient you are a guest! They have taught me so many tools for my recovery and helped me realize I can have fun without drugs!!



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