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How To Choose A Women’s Rehab Program

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If you’re being honest with yourself, then you’ve known for a while that your habit has gotten out of control. You just can’t see yourself entering a clinic to get help. But at The Pearl of The Sea Retreat, our rehab facility allows you to heal in a setting that provides comfort, tranquility, and rejuvenation.


Our rehab facility isn’t like the clinic you’ve heard about or seen in movies. It’s not noisy or crowded, and it isn’t in the inner city. Instead, you’ll find an incredible healing oasis located on the Intracoastal Waterway in historic St. Augustine, FL.

Of course, location doesn’t mean that you sacrifice the quality of care. In contrast, it means that you enjoy a serene setting that encourages you to practice self-care. Unfortunately, for women this is difficult to do. It’s also a reason why many don’t complete their stays at rehab.


Women frequently drop out of rehab rather than finishing. They struggle to relax and let go of their responsibilities. However, our rehab facility and it’s Women’s program fulfills other functions, too. The National Institute on Drug Abuse specialists noted that women frequently suffer from co-occurring conditions. These include anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Some women also struggle with eating disorders. And because one in three women also experience physical violence, getting away from it all could be the key to recovery. A healing and tranquil setting supports the relaxation you need in order to focus on treatment and not quit the program.

At Pearl of The Sea, you participate in gender-specific programming that encourages vulnerability in a safe environment. Similarly, it permits you to say things you’ve only been thinking. Getting out in the open is the first step to making far-reaching changes.

Other treatments at our rehab center include:

  • Treatment for dual diagnosis participants who struggle with depression, personality disorders, and other conditions
  • Mindfulness training that encourages you to ground yourself in the present and breathe through triggering emotions
  • Dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses on controlling the extent to which feelings determine your actions
  • Art and music therapy, which allow you to express yourself in new ways for healing
  • EMDR, which is a modality that encourages you to process traumatic events from the past slowly, safely, and completely
  • Massage therapy and other holistic care options, which focus on a renewal of your mind and spirit during rehab
  • Eco-therapy that lets you commune with nature and experience the energy it provides


Maybe you didn’t do well when you tried a regular clinic. Cutting back on your own isn’t working. You know that you don’t want to keep the chemical dependency going… But now, there’s hope.

Our Women’s Program at Pearl of the Sea Retreat is a viable alternative. It introduces you to a place where life begins anew. This isn’t the same tired rehab that everyone else offers. Call 866-962-1907 today to learn more.

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